Jammu Kashmir Diaspora Chamber of Commerce

Building peace and prosperity in Jammu Kashmir through International trade and commerce

Membership Benefits and Services for JKDCC members

JKDCC Members can have access to a range of opportunities and services e.g. networking with
key national and international businesses and trade and investment organisations of UK, EU
and SAARC member countries, assistance in developing collaboration in the design,
development and delivery of the socio-economic, investment, trade, investment and
industrial policies, through close linkage with the local and regional governments and
international organisations. JKDCC’s proactive approach focuses on helping you increase
efficiency and competitiveness.
1- Information sharing and publicity in the UK, EU, Gulf and in the SAARC region
 Directory of Members with company profile and advertisement
 Access to publications and reports on a wide range of subjects and activities
 Free distribution of E-News Letter, update on Business News, activities, events etc.
 Advertisement opportunity in JKDCC News Letter
 Get information of seminars/programs through email, fax, telephone and postage
 Receive advance notice, early reservation service, and discounted registration fees on JKDCC
events and programs
2- International Trade and Business Opportunities
 Participation in trade fairs & exhibitions
 Develop business through buyer – seller Fora
 Be a part of business delegation at international Forums
3- Networking
 Platform to interact with other members, institutions, state & central governments
 Executive forum to meet global business and political leaders
 Participation in topical seminars, training programmes, conferences and meeting
 Meet and network with European, Gulf and South Asian business community, academicians,
research professionals, marketing agencies and media personals
4- Visa Facilitation
Get visa facilitation information and other key chambers support in the region to easily grow
and move your business across the globe.
5- Web Services
 Information on important events organized by DIT, local Chambers, SAARC CCI and other
activities, press releases, advertisement, partner hotels, membership etc.
 Advertisement opportunity on website
Jammu Kashmir Diaspora Chamber of Commerce, Kashmir Development Foundation and Conciliation Resource are working together for peace
6- Informing and influencing policy
 Participation in different regional. National, SAARC and international policy making forums
 Expert advice on government legislations, regulations, etc.
 Sign posting Information on export and import.
 Commission and undertake research studies
7- Accommodation in Hotels at discounted rates
Availability of room/ accommodation at discounted rates in JKDCC partner hotels throughout
the region.
8- Publications/ Research Studies
Access to research studies and market information related to the EU, Gulf, and South Asian
9- Participation in the JKDCC, J&K Joint CCI and other international Events (within
the region and internationally)
Opportunity to participate in fairs/exhibitions and similar events.