Jammu Kashmir Diaspora Chamber of Commerce

Building peace and prosperity in Jammu Kashmir through International trade and commerce

J&K Diaspora Chamber of Commerce Strategic Business Plan 2016-2020

The key priorities in the Strategic Business Plan are;


  1. Formally establish J&K Diaspora Chamber of Commerce  
  2. Exploring opportunities to engage with UKTI and British Chamber of Commerce
  3. To organise a fact-finding and strategic business networking visit for Chamber members across LOC in Jammu Kashmir
  4. To establish a mentoring scheme for the development of the chamber members and B2B twining/ promotions/referral between Diaspora and across LoC businesses.
  5. Adopting at least one social enterprise project in the region and support its design, development and delivery.
  6. Hosting JKDCC Annual Business AWARDS
  7. Support in organising Jammu Kashmir International Trade Fair


We would welcome further input from anyone keen to support and get involved in the development of Jammu Kashmir Diaspora Chamber of Commerce. Please do not hesitate to share your suggestion and feedback to us.


If you need further information and want to get involved, please contact Sardar Aftab Khan Tel 07837546440 or Sajid Yousaf Tel: 07971475284 and Sardar Zia Tel: 07947666288    
via E-mail: info@jkdcc.co.uk  Tel: +447837546440  www.facebook.com/JKDCC1
Twitter: @JKDCC1